Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Tips For Website Owners

Image showing HTTPS promoting website security

Some of my tips are dependant on what hosting and content management system (CMS) you’re using. For example I use WordPress as a CMS and separate hosting for all of my clients, however if you own a WordPress website there are extra measures which need to be carried out. Other companies like Webflow or Wix […]

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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Hands up who knows October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month? Yes, probably not that many hands went up. For most of us. the internet allows us to stay connected, operate our business, work more efficiently and shop more conveniently – just to name a few. Unfortunately, there are people out there who want to steal your […]

Sir Clive Sinclair Passes Away aged 81

Sir Clive Sinclair

On the 16th September Sir Clive Sinclair passed away aged 81. He was arguably the most influential person to bring home computing on a mass scale, and when I think back has influenced me more than I realised. As a 10-ish year old I had one of the most exciting Christmas presents – a Sinclair […]


Something Special Home is a multi-vendor marketplace website. An Etsy-esque site with businesses ranging from people who make items at home to medium size retailers who sell anything for the home advertising their products for sale on the website.  The website is a brand new design, the logo has been redesigned along with a new font which is Liana.   Sales […]