Hi, I'm Ian. I'll be your new Web Designer!

I love building unique bespoke websites. My passion is to deliver a website that complements your business and gives your customers the experience they expect and deserve. I design websites with a UI and UX philosophy, but what does this mean to you and your customers – UI is  User Interface, it’s how the website looks, the aesthetics of the typography, colours and images. UX is User eXperience, how it feels, it’s easy for a customer to use, for example, can they easily make a booking or buy a product.  A well-designed website means that not only will your customer like the look, but also the ease with which they can navigate and find what they need.  This will ultimately increase the success rate of a positive outcome, a sale, booking whatever the goal may be.

The first website I built was around 15 years ago and from there I got the design bug! After taking a few years out of web design I decided to build my own multi-vendor marketplace – think Etsy!  I loved designing and building the site and it grew to have over 1500 products advertised from different retailers.  This gave me valuable insights into being both a business owner and a web designer.  This means that I not only have a passion for designing awesome websites but I understand what pressures you may have running your own business. For various reasons, I decided to close my marketplace but the overriding reason was so I could concentrate on my love and passion….website design! 

So what are you waiting for! Let’s connect and talk about your new website.